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"Paper money does not define a country's riches. The nation's wealth lies hidden in its cultural heritage." 


Zimbabwe has a rich cultural heritage that remains untapped. It is rather unfortunate that we as Zimbabweans are quick to embrace other cultures ahead of ours. For example, in the late 90s and early 2000s, I remember when brands such as Fubu 05  and Sean John were the "must have" clothes for the younger generation. Also, when Nollywood movies reached the shores of Zimbabwe, our women all started dressing like Mama Azuka!

I have been privileged to have lived in cities like Joburg and Dubai and also traveled to many parts of Europe and Asia. The common denominator in most of the countries I have been to is the strong and rich cultural heritage that defines these people.

How come we as Zimbabweans still do not have our own unique national attire? Is it because we lack creativity or we are simply not bothered about the greater good of preserving our cultural heritage?

As a result, I felt compelled to take action and do something for my beloved Zimbabwe by designing the ZimCollar Fabric that can be used to make multiple African styled clothing that carry symbols of our cultural heritage. 

My vision is to inspire as many Zimbabweans as I can especially the youth to have a heart that puts our nation above our personal interests. The opportunities to explore our cultural heritage are endless. It's a win-win scenario for us as we take pride in our culture and self identity and, make a living at the same time out of it.  Let us not wait for solutions from the government alone, but rather let us take charge of our destiny by creating a bright future for ourselves and building a firm foundation based on our cultural heritage..

- Taurai Mushove

(Founder - ZimCollar)

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